Friday, March 18, 2011

Officially on the road

So, I wanted this blog to be far more detailed that it is now.  This whole trip has gotten off to a very rocky start. First, I was suffering from the flu and ended up being stuck in bed for a week when I was supposed to be packing.  The flu bug didn't affect only me, but soon, Jon was sick, too.  Then, just as my health was returning, the whole Japanese earthquake/tsunami natural disaster occurred.  If you aren't aware, one of the worst struck areas was where I used to live.  This has left me unable to enjoy or really even acknowledge the fact I quit my job and will be living on the road.  I'm glued to the news, facebook, and email waiting desperately to hear from my friends.

A great account of what it's been like for me can be summed up here:

In other news, we're pretty much set to start the first 3 weeks of our adventure.  I'm hoping I can start feeling again, so that I can enjoy the time with my friends who aren't affected by this whole thing.

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