About the vagabonds

The vagabonds that are writing this blog were sick of their boring lives doing boring jobs and decided to have an adventure.  This adventure is very well planned, budgeted, and supported by many friends and family.  Essentially, I quit my job and we're going to see North America.  Follow our adventures as we discover the beauty of America, reconnect with old family and friends, and struggle with living out of a car for at least 4 months.

The ultimate goal is we end back up in New York to depart for the Peace Corps in July 2011.

Sara is 27, has a degree in Marketing and a minor in Accounting, spent two years teaching in Japan, and the last two and a half years working in higher international education.  My expertise includes living in three countries, and traveling to eleven countries. 

Jon is 24, has a double degree in Environmental Studies and Math, and a Master's degree in Adolescent Education.  He's spent his whole life in school with some side jobs like substitute teaching among others.  Jon has traveled to12 countries. 

We're ready to drive!