Jon and I made a special list of goals that we expect or hope to achieve during our road trip.  Some of them are completely out of our control and some things we can force to happen.  We recently cancelled out those that are crossed out due to our updated situation.  We were admitted into the Peace Corps 1 month earlier than planned.  As a result, we've needed to change our course to get home in time to depart for Peace Corps.

Sara's Goals:
1.  See a moose
2.  See the grand canyon
3.  Watching my sister graduate
4.  Revisit Boulder, Co and eat at the same teashop as in our honeymoon.
5.  Meet a random stranger on the road from Plattsburgh (current/past resident/alumni)
6.  Devising a cost-effective/healthy way to eat
7.  Attend local music festivities

Jon's Goals:
1.  See the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and the sunset over the Pacific Ocean
2.  Drive through death valley
3.  Swim in the salt lake in Salt Lake, UT
4.  Meet someone from the country we will go to in the Peace Corps
5.  Witness an unbelievable thunderstorm
6.  Eat in the French Quarter in  New Orleans
7.  Make one new friend that we keep in touch with after our trip
8.  See a double rainbow