Best of/worst of

This will be a page that we will update periodically as we come across the answers.

1.  Best Thunderstorm: Dallas, Texas
2.  Best public restrooms: Long Island, NY - Cafe Mojo offered hot men in their bathrooms!
3.  The place we will most likely move to: New Orleans
4.  Best vegetarian restaurant: Cosmic Cafe in Dallas
5.  Worst cup of coffee: Best Western Free Breakfast in Dallas, TX
6.  Best campground: Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky because they had showers and free firewood
7.  Worst campground: Thankfully, NONE!
8.  Best local beer: Sapphire Brewing Company in NC
9.  Most boring 300 mile stretch of road: Arkansas
10.  Most scenic ride:  Blue Ridge Parkway in NC
11. Cleanest city: Jacksonville, FL
12.  Dirtiest city: New Orleans (smelled bad)