Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5. Meet a random stranger on the road from Plattsburgh (current/past resident/alumni)

My personal goal number five was to meet a random stranger on the road from Plattsburgh.  I suppose this whole idea came from the fact that we met a man who lived in Plattsburgh back in 1971 on our honeymoon.  We indirectly achieved this goal in Sapphire, NC.  Jon and I spent over two weeks visiting NC.  We started in Asheville, took the blue ridge parkway to Raleigh, jutted over to Charlotte and went nearly full circle to Sapphire, NC located in Nantahala National Park.

Nantahala National Park was absolutely gorgeous.  Every which way you drive or turn, you have the opportunity to see a new waterfall.  We were staying with our grandparents in their timeshare.  Jon and I had spent all day driving from one waterfall to the next.  At the end of our day trip of waterfalls, we went to see one last one, the tallest (or debatable to be the second tallest) east of the Mississippi River.

When we got back to my grandparent's, my grandpa informed me that he had met a man who graduated from Plattsburgh in 1951!  We searched for him while we kayaked the next day and when we were around the area having dinner.  We didn't see him, but I feel this goal was pretty much achieved through my grandpa.  :)

For photos of NC and the waterfalls, click on the volume 3 photos to the right!

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